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The Product


The InSightApp™ provides leaders of teams, programs and projects best practice insights from decades of Management consulting experience leveraging the Driving Complex Change® methodology. By applying an easy, intuitive and confidential structured survey users can evaluate self/group based team, program and projects design effectiveness.

The result is an “early warning” heat-map based report identifying specific areas of concern and those within acceptable tolerance levels. This feedback enables users with insights into various Stakeholder perspectives and spotlights project and organizational deficiencies while they’re still manageable. In addition, a written set of observations, recommendations and specific actions to take is provided, creating guidance to appropriate risk remediation activities.

Why InSightApp™?

Cost Savings

Improve your collaboration without the high price tag



Provides visibility into areas of potential risk


Get insight, knowledge, and guidance to create success

How It Works

     View the InSightApp™ Tutorial to see how it works and understand how you can use it for your business.

     Start using InSightApp™ today to improve your organization’s performance and navigate change.

InSightApp™ Methodology

The underlying methodology used in InSightApp™ is based on ASIL Inc.’s Driving Complex Change®. Driving Complex Change was developed from decades of successfully managing and leading complex Business change. By observing and managing performance in six critical areas, probability of successful change significantly improves. These areas include:


Do critical staff share and are they committed to the project vision?


Do you have the core competencies available to deliver your intended outcomes?



Are goals, objectives and incentives available to create and maintain momentum?



Is there enough staff and support available to meet timelines and objectives?



Are business systems and processes able to support intended outcomes?



Do you have the plans (actions, communications, escalation) in place to deliver results?

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